Monday, September 19, 2016

Beijing 2016 4D/3N Itinerary

Last September 1 2016, R and I together with our fellow distributors went to Beijing for some Rest and Recreation. We were booked with Mulan Travel Service Corp, they are located at Binondo Manila. Telephone number +63-2-244-9690 /245-4658/241-8401, Cel No: +63-917-514-0378, and Email We got an all inclusive tour with food, accommodations, plane fare, and china visa. 

Our flight was with Air China CA180 6:30 AM arrival 10:40 AM. The in-flight food was horrible, but the seats were spacious enough. I was able to sleep through the flight. Traveling in a big group has a lot of disadvantages, it meant a lot of waiting time. Upon arrival, we waited quite a bit to complete our head count from the plane. The Beijing International Airport was also big, we took a small train to go to the arrival/departure area. It was late so we headed to lunch first. Our guide was Calvin or C.K. Our first meal was lauriat style, it was filling and the food did not disappoint. Then we went to the Olympic Park to see the Bird's Nest and Water Cube. We took a number of shots within the area. It was my first time in Beijing and I took in their behavior and city landscape. One of the most curious thing that caught my eye was the old beijing yogurt. But sadly due to communication barriers and questionable sanitation measures, I did not get to try it. The next was going to the Panda Zoo. At first it was really frustrating that we spent so much time at the Panda Zoo since they are very hard to catch and they barely do anything. By the time we got our fill of panda, we decided to walk around...and to our shock, the zoo was very very big. It hold foxes, polar bears, birds of several species, and many more. Sadly we realized too late and we only got to see the mischievous foxes. Next time I'll get to see those polar bears. For dinner we ate at YiheSpring Restaurant. The restaurant was really nice but the servers were not to nice. But overall, the food was good and it was a good meal. After dinner, we went to Jianguo hotel to check in and call it a night. Our room was located on the top most floor 9th, room was spacious and had all necessary amenities. It was a good room, though the walls were a bit thin since you can hear people in the corridors.

September 2, we ate hotel buffet breakfast. I loved their egg station. We then visited Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. It was a very hot day and thank God we had umbrellas. We ate at a buffet restaurant called Matsuko. This was the best meal we had so far. They had everything basic (except roasted duck), from cooked to sashimi, to odd desserts. It was great, sadly since it was a tour I only had 1 hour to eat. Then we went to The Temple of Heaven to check out the temple were the emperor used to go for harvest rituals. The detailing on the temple was really grand. After that we went to watch the Golden Mask Dynasty musical show, our guide asked us to pay 300 Yuan each for a VIP ticket originally 480 Yuan. Then for dinner, we went to a chinese restaurant near tiananmen square. The restaurant served us lauriat style again but it was not good. The food was quite horrible in fact. Barely ate which was really unusual for me. Went back to the hotel and called it a night.

 September 3, we ate hotel buffet breakfast. We went to a jade store called Dragon land Superior Jade Gallery. It is at DengZhuang Changping District Beijing. I was looking for a purple jade bangle for my mothers. We managed to find really good looking purple bangles but then the price was just too high. So we ended up buying one with a lower quality according to them, but still it cost 3000 yuan. We only bought one since we were not sure if it was genuine or good quality. I was really depressed when I got the "guarantee card" they promised since it just looked like a calling card and the box was really cheap looking. To make it all worse, my mom cannot wear the bangle since it was too small. We then headed to Ju Yong Guan Great Wall, we walked from the 10th station to 12th session. It took about 6300 steps to and from. We did not anticipate that we will sweat a lot, so we bought 2 "We conquered the great wall shirts" after. It was amazing, the great wall was really something that withstood a lot of trials. It felt amazing being there and walking through it. I admire the people and the soldiers who used it before. For lunch, we ate at China Green Restaurant. Food was nothing memorable but edible. Then we went to a silk store and bought some silk bed sheets. For dinner, we ate the must eat beijing duck at none other at the Bei Jing Guan Ju De He Ping Men Roast Duck Restaurant. This was my first time to eat a lot of duck. First time ever. Usually I do not eat duck, but since I was in beijing I made an exception. After dinner, we went to the hotel to call it a night.  

Day 4, we ate our last hotel buffet breakfast. Hotel breakfast at the Cafe runs from 6-10:30AM. Today was a free day, we left the hotel at 10 AM and went to Wang Fu Jing Street on our own pace. The tour guide just brought us there for 2 hours. R and I ate at a local restaurant that had a long line. We did not know what to order besides the noodle everyone was ordering. It took a very long time and when we ate it...we did not understand why it was so wanted by the locals. The noodle texture was good but the taste was nothing special. As far as I understand, it was a traditional noodle dish in Beijing. Afterwards we ordered some awesome Shanghai dumplings and strawberry smoothie. Afterwards, it was the airport. Our flight was CA179 20:00 arrival in manila was 00:50. But we had a delay so we arrived around 1 AM September 5. We had some bad thai food in the airport, we regretted it. Then we bought some souvenirs and local snacks (my friends say they were bad huhu). Had in flight dinner and enjoyed the movie The Man from Macau 2. Before I know it, we were at home unpacking. Made new friends and looking forward to what we will have in the future.

this guy seats everyone with his very loud clear voice, amazing