Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Birthday Celebration last 2014

Just had some free time and wanted to document the wonderful memories I had during my birthday last 2014.

It was around this time that Hot Star just opened its branch in Banawe. I was really excited to try it out with my family that I bought some home. Since I was along Banawe, I also brought home my favorite taho and cuapao from Banawe Soy Bean Curd Factory.

Then some work colleagues of mine celebrated my birthday by having several food. Some starbucks christmas brownies (thank you Earl) ! Awesome yummy cake with a J on it (thank you SCMC). Had lunch at Your Local (thank you Esme, Mr Tan, and Fro).

Just when I thought they could not end any better, R dropped by all the way from the province and gave me the most amazing cake ever and he gave me a white coat which I previously commented as cute. Haha. Fast forward to 2016, it doesnt fit me anymore. His mom and dad also gave me gifts, powerbank/speaker and coat. Awwww sweet!

And lastly, amazing to have a glassboard announcement from my family hahaha.
To top it all off, R and I celebrated our birthday with my side of the family by celebrating it at Caffe Dolce. Wanted to prank my veggie hating friend and sister. haha. My dad was not able to eat as much since its all vegetarian... ooops. But overall, it was nice to spend your birthday with the people who loves you and you love back.