Monday, January 16, 2017

Hong Kong December 2016 - with 4 babies

Last December 27-31, 2016 my family went on a hong kong holiday vacation so that we can spend time together. We took a PAL flight which took off 7:55am and arrived at HK on 10:15 am. Our return flight was around 18:20 pm and arrived at manila on 20:40 pm. So here's our itinerary to remember the events by.
Chef Mickey!
Dec 27 - Upon arrival at HKIA. We took a prebooked private coaster to Causeway Bay, it took around 30 minutes for us to touchbase with our driver. So by the time we arrived at Pullman, we were really hungry. We checked in and had lunch at Pullman bar. We were all tired, and decided to take an afternoon nap which turned into sleep. We woke up around 6 PM, just in time for dinner. We met with the family at 14/F, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay for Dinner. We had a traditional set menu at Hainan Season. It was really a feast since we were not anticipating that much food nor did we fully understand the food that was coming. There were a lot of exotic looking food that I did not consume much of, but everything was a new experience. We then went to Toys R Us for some toys shopping for the kids. Before heading back, R and I went to Wellcome to shop for water and fruits. We then went at the hotel to sleep.

Dec 28 - Morning Buffet at Playt 9AM. Afterwards, we went with mom to fetch dad for his acupuncture. It was my chance to ride the city tram again after so long, it was too crowded and it was good to remember how to pay for the fare again. For lunch, we head back at Windsor House and had lunch at Watami Japanese Dining. I had Pepper rice and beef with pineapple juice. Though it took a while to get the food. It was worth it. To cap it off, we had some cute dessert at Haggen Daz. R had a very chocolate sundae, while our parents had a banana split. We did some watch and luggage shopping for errands. Bought some pork jerky for souvenirs. To end, we had dinner at Teawood Taiwanese Cafe & Restaurant. It was again a family feast. The place was really pretty and it was such as shame I did not get to try any of their signature homemade drinks. The interiors were very home-y and clean. Food presentation was also pleasant. Spoons were mini shovels. And food was unique, especially the beef noodle soup.

Dec 29 - Morning Buffet at Playt. Packed up and took our prebook private bus to Disneyland Hollywood Hotel. It was funny, we were almost brought to the airport, good thing my dad reminded the driver that we were to be dropped off at Disney Hollywood Hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel, we checked in and left our luggage. Took the coaster to Disneyland Resort and head on for lunch at Fantasyland. I ate katsu since it was the seemingly filling food around. It was okay and I preferred it over all the food there. We then rode the its a small world (kid's favorite, never fails), parade and pooh ride. While the family rode Dumbo. R and I took some time to stroll around the park, eat ice cream and look at the disney stores. We took photos with Eeyore and Chip and Dale. Then at around 6 PM, we left with our parents to grab dinner at the hotel's Studio Lounge. I had some nasi goreng, it did not taste authentic and I was not able to finish it all. We went back to our rooms and chilled, watched TV until we fell asleep.

Dec 30 - Ate Chef Micket's Breakfast Buffet. We then left for disneyland resort at around 11am. Upon arrival we ate at Tomorrow land, I had some roasted chicken. I really wanted the fried one and fries but opted for the healthier option. Today, R and I decided that it will just be about taking photos with the disney characters. It was worth it. We were able to take photos with Donald/Daisy, Goofy, Duffy, and Mickey/Minnie. Went home for dinner at Disneyland hotel's Crystal Lotus. It was fine dining like. We had some roasted duck, floating iron man dessert, tsum tsum pudding, and a pear mandarin dessert. Food was odd and it was a nice experience. We went back to our hotel and chilled, watched TV until we fell asleep.

Dec 31 - Last day of disney magic. We ate at Chef Mickey's Breakfast Buffet. Packed up by 11 AM. Then we went to Disneyland Hotel again to look around the hotel. But we first ate at Walt's Cafe lunch. I had the kid's menu salmon special since it was the cheapest among all 98HKD. After a quick lunch, we took photos and played at the garden maze. By 3 PM our bus to the airport came. Checked in and strolled around the airport. We had snacks at food court. I tried their Cha shiu and chocolate ice cream. Boarded the flight, was delayed, could not sleep due to anxiety with a baby beside me, ate a portion of my beef in flight meal, and within 2 hours arrived at NAIA. Was greeted by a very chaotic immigration line, it took us around 30 minutes to 1 hour just to get past the immigration. We saw the Kramer family since disneyland to this immigration flight. They too had trouble with the lines. Once we got our baggage, called our ride home.... cleaned up. It was New Year dinner celebration with the family, watched fireworks from our house, and called our whole family trip a wrap.

Truly thankful on how I saw this family grew in numbers and somehow I feel more closer to them now than before. I hope to experience more memories with this family and wish everyone happiness and prosperity in this 2017.