Monday, June 5, 2017

BeyondBeautyByCryzl - Make up Artist

Last January ‎10, ‎2016, I attended a cousin's wedding at Le Pavillon. My mom, sister and I were invited. Our makeup artist Girlie Uy was not available this day, so I had to solicit the recommendation of a friend. She recommended @beyondbeautybycryzl. She charges P2000 hair and makeup per head and P500 for gas manila area (2016 rate). She allots 2 hours per person. This is a good thing since you know she does not rush things.  

She was very professional, she reached out to me on January 7 2016 to confirm our schedule and appointment. She also arrived on time, her boyfriend was with her which was sweet. So she decided to do my mom's make up first. I told her we wanted a simple make up for my mom. She made a simple hair do for my mom, her make up too was very simple which I liked since it complemented her outfit.   

My make up was more complicated since I had a peg I wanted to try. I wanted to go all curly and wanted to try something different with my contouring. Cryzl was happy to oblige, she gave me a very strong look. I was thrilled by new look since I havent tried anything like it. But a lot people were taken aback by it since it was too thick, and it made me look older for them. I think it was a bit thick than my regular look on events. But it did look nice/normal in photos, so I guess there was a trick here somewhere. Overall, it was refreshing to have a new look but I will stick to the "lighter" look to avoid shocked people. haha.

You may contact cryzl at 09088805420,, Facebook, or Instagram. Cheers!