Monday, June 5, 2017

Sucat Getaway

Last Feb 6/7 2017, me and my high school buddies decided to stay in Sucat for a weekend ender. It was my first time in Sucat area, upon arrival we had some drinks at Milky Moustache. Drinks were typical and my matcha was sweet. For dinner, we had a feast but the highlight was we bought some marinated meat at the grocery and barbequed them. It was too smokey and it turned out like crispy bacon. Just the way I like them yum!

We had breakfast at Granny's place. But before we left Sucat, we stopped by at Tito Chef to try their desserts. We were surprised that they had a school and a pretty neat function room. This is a good place to have intimate events. I have yet to try their dishes. I will definitely go back here.