Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Sexy Chef - Pounds Away Diet Meal Plan

As I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, I've decided to buy myself a BAYER blood sugar monitor worth P3500 with the recommendation of a doctor friend. He told me that its imperative that I know of my sugar levels daily. But little did I know that the bayer blood strips would cost P55 each and the needle P5. T__T So all in all it would cost me P60 each time I prick myself. So with my thrifty genes kicking in, I only check my blood sugar whenever I eat something sweet or too much. I even visited a known diabetes doctor Eunice Tan. She told me to monitor my sugar daily by checking my sugar level Pre Breakfast, Prelunch, Predinner, before bed time --- each should be <95, then the next day after an hour of my first bite Post Breakfast, Post lunch, Post dinner, before bed time --- each should be <130. So far, praise God I have had 126 as my highest since I ate Smores Snr Pizza. So anyway, please continue to pray for me as I fight this sickness and my own personal sweet tooth. haha.

So the main focus of this entry is my review of my 5 day meal plan with Sexy Chef. I tried their Pounds Away Diet since they have diagnosed it as the best plan for my condition. This diet plan was co-created by Fitness Nutritionist of the stars, Nadine Tengco. Calorie-controlled diet, contains targeted levels of the Fat-Fighting 4 nutrients – Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Fiber, Calcium and Vitamin D. Comes in 1400 calories. P1,035 per day. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks delivered daily before consumption date within Metro Manila. They did my diagnosis via email exchanges only ( After weeks of searching online for the best meal plan for me, I ended up between The Sexy Chef and Paleo Manila. Both looks very promising and cost the same, so decided to go for the one that will avoid traffic. So I booked online and paid P5175 10 days before my intended meal plan start date. 

So here are the food orders I got for 5 days. 

As you can see from the photos, they look quite normal and some looks even many. The taste of the food is actually good that you do not feel like you are eating bland "diet food". I liked that the food varied daily, the only repeat was the buko pandan (which looked like a blob of green jelly so I did not eat it nor took a photo of it). Overall, I liked the service and creativity of the food. I will definitely try sexy chef's other meals on some other occasion hopefully not because of health reasons but more for enjoyment. I realized I had a hard time following the "timing" of the food, as I keep consuming more than needed since I get hungry too easily. So I guess the program failed for my particular character. haha. But I recommend Sexy Chef for people who are particular with their food intake (like me), though do be careful with the will take good budgeting to support this kind of lifestyle with their steep pricing. But I think the quality pays for the price. Do check them out. 

You can reach them via:
Number: 721-8881 / 721-7399 / 0917-799-2433 Email: