Thursday, June 15, 2017

Welcoming RJS 1 - Baby Shower for RJS 1

Last June 10 2017, I was pleasantly surprised by my loved ones. They made a small intimate gathering to pre-welcome baby R into this world. My heart felt full knowing that these people cared for baby R, me and R. It gave me relief that baby R will come into the world knowing she is loved. It was a surprise and I really did not expect any shower since it felt a bit too late for it already and people were busy all the time. I was really glad that people took time off their busy days to celebrate baby R's coming.

It started when my sister-in-law reached out to R to gather my side of the family and friends. After R got people's confirmation on the date, it was my sister-in-law and my sister A who did all the planning and kicked R out so that he too will be surprised by the party happenings.

So my sister booked the following suppliers:
Estabillo's Catering > food: party trays and conceptualization/ items for the party games
Feedback: Customer service was really good according to my sister. They were able to execute her food customization requests (less oily and less sugar), prompt refund since the dessert was left behind, and nice games provided. Food price and quality was also reasonable. They do not use MSG in their dishes and everything is served fresh. She recommends this provider.

The Cake Orchard > chocolate cupcakes and fondant chocolate cake
Feedback: Best seller of the day. Everybody complimented the cupcakes and cake since they were very pretty and the taste was really good. It was very densely made and not too sweet... so you know chocolate was not lessened in exchange for sugar. Very moist and loved by kids/adults/elderly. The cake was too pretty to cut, but it had to be since the chocolate cake is too good to pass.

Flowershop Express - FlorEx > flower bouquet
Feedback: Customer service was really good and the output was superb. Was able to deliver the bouquet as requested. Very pretty combination and efficient delivery. 

My high school friends did the very cute decors <3 while my college friends acted as hosts for the event. 

Narration of the day
It started with R and I meeting our close friends at Unit 27 Apartment for brunch (very good food, love their interiors and food!!!!). I did not even smell anything suspicious since this was our normal thing with this couple friend of ours. We just talked about our usual stuff and ate good food. I ate their brown rice champorado P250, it was really yummy and thick. It even had kesong puti, chocnut, and tuyo on the side. Lovely! R ate Grilled Chicken Risotto P380, the egg was perfectly poached and the risotto rice was very well coated with pesto. Our couple friend ate bagnet breakfast P395 which was also very good and salpicao main P385 with the beef so tender and tasteful. All of us loved our order. Made us wonder why we were the only customer at that fine establishment. Thank you Booky mobile app for recommending this place and for even giving us a P200 discount and free dessert for booking using the app! <3 booky!

After a happy brunch, we went over to SM North Edsa since R wanted to have some BLK yogurt. I did not notice anything odd since this again is normal for us (sorry, yes we are weird people). So when we got our yogurts, we decided to head back home with our couple friends since they wanted to play some board games. Upon arriving home, I noticed a familiar looking black car that looked like my sisters. It even has a dog figure on the dashboard, but it did not register that it really my sister's since we did not agree to meet up. So I left that thought alone and went inside. There were a lot of shoes outside and my slippers were kept inside the house which was odd but not too odd to raise suspicion. So inside I went. When I saw everyone at the living room, then I saw the decor and cake. Then that was when I figured what everything was about. 

I was really shocked. Shook hands, kissed and hugged people, I did not expect to be there since it was TOO FAR from them. Anyway, it started off with a game by guessing the size of my tummy using yarn. Nobody got the exact size, everyone thought my tummy was HUGE. hahaha. Then the next game was dressing up a baby drawing with blindfolds on. Both teams did it right so the host just awarded the one who finished first. Merienda break, everyone ate the food and chatted. Then last game was guess what chocolate is in the diaper. Nobody got it right, so the host just chose the group with the nearest answer. Afterwards, it was gift opening and we saw the different stuff people prepared for baby R. It was heartwarming. Awkward goodbyes (for me), it seemed to odd to end the event that way and I did not want to say goodbye yet. But many did bid their farewells as it was on a saturday, and in the end it was just me and my 2 high school friends who went to Mango Tree Bistro to eat dinner. We talked until about 9 PM and it was time to go home.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and participated in this celebration for baby R. We feel so loved. And I personally love the fact that people extended their time for baby R. We will forever cherish this.