Monday, July 17, 2017

CCF wedding requirements

I realized that I have posted stuff about a CCF wedding, but not the requirements. These are the documents and sessions required by CCF to be filled up, completed and submitted to their office. Take note that these requirements are available on different times, so please plan accordingly. You cannot rush and complete these all in a month.

1. One on one Pre-marital Counseling session with Dgroup leader - assessment will be given. At least one must be part of a Discipleship group (at least 3 months). Pls email for dGroup placement.
2. PMC class - series of sessions that need to be attended in CCF premises. CCF pre-marital counseling certificate (includes 7 plenary sessions and one on one counseling with couple counselor) with counselor’s recommendation that couple is ready spiritually, emotionally, and financially to enter marriage.
3. Membership class -1 session, check with CCF for schedule. Both must be Christians and at least one must have completed CCF’s Membership Class.

2. CENOMAR from NSO website
5. Photocopy of Wedding Invites
6. Community Tax Certificate of the couple
7.  Marriage License - about 2 months before the wedding, complete with City Hall
9. Processing Fee

Hope this helps. Happy planning!


Rasmus Korra said...

They have a list of approved caterers and valet parkers which you are required to choose from. The event coordinator at San Francisco wedding venues was very professional and cool enough to let us come in and tour on a Saturday while another wedding was setting up.